Marine Automation


Marine Automation

We are experienced in marine mechanical automation and implementing control logic for marine usage.  Marine applications are different than most as one needs to take into account amperage and voltage regulation issues and ground/groundless contacts, which need to be addressed in the control logic.

We have performed work as subcontractors for the BC Ferries on vessels that need to be recommissioned after retrofits.  We have been subcontracting for BC Ferries since 2006.

We have designed, programmed, installed, and did final testing and commissioning of our proprietary control systems which monitor and manage their HVAC systems on their large C-Class passenger vessels.

On such large ships our systems read environment fluctuations thousands of times per second and our logic controllers actuate fire dampers, air dampers, valves, and compressors all real time.  It optimizes the usage of compressor output and to use as much “green” cooling from fresh air cooling.

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