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Corporate Disclosure

Here is our information of our corporate structure. The purpose of this disclosure is for RFP and submitting to Tenders


Partners and Resellers

Strategic Partners

Sygnit Corp. – Incorporated and Headquartered in Indiana, USA. Solutions Providers  for Electronic Medical Records management software

GFSI ( Global Filipino Solutions Inc.) – Incorporated and Headquartered in the Phillipines. Strategic partners to connect with Asian commerce communities and associations.

ICOA Corp. – Incorporated and Headquartered in Rhode Island, USA. Strategic and financial partners of our company. ICOA helps provision some of our solutions to our clients. 

Resellers and Gold Level Alliances

Spectrum Electric – Marine and Industrial – Incorporated and Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Parts and distributors of electronics for our Company.

V&V Refrigeration – Incorporated and Headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Designers and technical specifications for our Industrial and Marine projects.



Welcome to Tango Software Corp.’s Career center.

As of January 2019:

We are actively looking for talented individuals with programming experience in the following sectors:

  • Digital Payment Processing in Asian markets

The Company is also actively looking for partnerships, and strategic alliances for:

  • Asian Banking systems

The company is actively seeking vendor relationships for:

  • Network hardware
  • Virtualization platforms


About Us

Tango Software Corp. is a company that provides software solutions and consulting services.  We specialize in critical uptime server applications (High Availability), and high redundancy and scalable platforms.

Tango Software Corp. (TSC), incorporated in British Columbia, Canada has been in operation since 2005, founded by Richard Tang. Since inception, TSC has been part of many interesting projects, and have established deep relationships with its clients and vendors. TSC has expanded into various hi-tech realms.

  • Automated HVAC Control
  • Digital Identity, PKI (private key infrastructure), SSL
  • Physical Security Systems for warehouses
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Online digital payment processing
  • Medical Software – Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Billing
  • Online (Internet) web applications
  • Building physical network infrastructure for clients

Tango Software Corp is actively pursuing partners and alliances with other technology companies dealing with critical uptime services.

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Marine Automation

We are experienced in marine mechanical automation and implementing control logic for marine usage.  Marine applications are different than most as one needs to take into account amperage and voltage regulation issues and ground/groundless contacts, which need to be addressed in the control logic.

We have performed work as subcontractors for the BC Ferries on vessels that need to be recommissioned after retrofits.  We have been subcontracting for BC Ferries since 2006.

We have designed, programmed, installed, and did final testing and commissioning of our proprietary control systems which monitor and manage their HVAC systems on their large C-Class passenger vessels.

On such large ships our systems read environment fluctuations thousands of times per second and our logic controllers actuate fire dampers, air dampers, valves, and compressors all real time.  It optimizes the usage of compressor output and to use as much “green” cooling from fresh air cooling.


Industrial Automation

Tango Software Corp. is specialized in providing Industrial mechanical automation for a variety of industries. We are seasoned veterns in the PLC programming (programmable logic controllers) and programming mechanical controls for:

  • Meat processing and meat separation
  • Fish processing
  • Refrigeration
  • Heating and Ventilation systems
  • Compressor tuning and control
  • And tuning transducers, actuators, and fire damper systems
  • HVAC Efficiency
  • Security and Self-storage lockers

We have worked with Johnson Controls Metasys systems, and Honeywell HVAC controllers.  We understand low-level programming and understand and program fault tolerant procedures in our systems.  Our systems are customized to each of our customers’ needs and run 24 X 7 for many years without needing computer maintenance.

We have programmed into EEPROM and in real-time state machines such as DX9100 DDC units.

Some of our existing and past clients include: 

  • Hallmark Poultry
  • Colonial Farms
  • Langley Farms
  • Freybe Meats
  • Norden Foods Inc.
  • Aero Trading Co.
  • U-Lok Self Storage
  • GM Place (Sports arena)
  • Langley Arena

We helped designed and commission the HVAC control systems for the BC Ferries during their retrofits and re-conditioned large C-class vessels and also small vessels.

We are available as primary and subcontrators for large scale PLC programming projects. Some of our existing and past clients include:

  • V&V Refrigeration
  • Black & MacDonald
  • Spectrum Electric – Industrial and Marine divisions 

Tango Software Corp

We are Tango Software Corp. We are a Canadian based company, specializing in IT, import and export of high-tech equipment, and IT systems designs.

We have been incorporated in the province of British Columbia since 2005.